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Medicare Part D

from Ficon-Bush Insurance Agency

Medicare Part D – Prescription Drugs

When you enroll in Medicare, you may choose Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B or both. Part A is hospital coverage and Part B covers medical care like doctor visits and clinic services. If you’re one of the many beneficiaries who takes prescription drugs, you’ll also want to consider a Medicare Part D plan. A Part D plan is voluntary prescription drug coverage offered by private insurers and approved by Medicare.

Medicare Part D plans help pay for your prescription drugs and protect you from high prescription drug costs. If you are eligible for Medicare Parts A or B, you are generally also eligible for Medicare Part D.

You also have the option of enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan (Part C). Medicare Advantage plans combine the coverage of Medicare Parts A and B with the prescription drug benefits of a Medicare Part D plan (for more information visit: {link to Medicare Advantage Page}. These comprehensive plans are offered by private insurers.

What Does Medicare Part D Cover?

While all Part D plans are required to cover certain common types of drugs, the specific prescription drugs covered by a Medicare Part D plan vary by plan type and insurance carrier. Every plan has its own list of covered medications, called a formulary.

Reach out to Billy Bush at 304-465-1563 to review Medicare Part D plan’s formulary to understand which of your drugs are covered. The drugs you take may not be covered in every Medicare Part D formulary so you will need to review and choose your plan carefully. Let us help!