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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Medicare Plans

1. What is Original Medicare? - The term “Original Medicare” refers to Medicare Part A and Part B. Part A helps cover the cost of hospital-related care, including inpatient services, lab tests and surgery. Part B is the...

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Understanding Medicare Parts A and B Coverage Gaps

Medicare Parts A and B Coverage Gaps - Original Medicare offers Part A (hospital insurance) and Part B (medical insurance)-coverage that covers many of your healthcare needs once you enroll. But it doesn’t cover...

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When can I join, switch, or drop a Medicare Advantage Plan?

You can only join, switch, or drop a Medicare Advantage Plan during the three enrollment periods described below:1. Enrollment Period - When you first become eligible for Medicare, you can sign up during your Initial...

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Medicare Advantage - Who can join?

Who can join a Medicare Advantage Plan? - To join a Medicare Advantage Plan you must: Have Part A and Part B Medicare.Live in the plan's service area. What if I have a pre-existing condition? You can join a Medicare...

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Medicare Advantage Plans Explained

What are Medicare Advantage Plans? A Medicare Advantage Plan is another way to get your Medicare Part A and Part B coverage. Medicare Advantage Plans, sometimes called “Part C” are offered by Medicare-approved private...

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How Independent Agents Are Different from Captive Agents

When it comes to buying insurance, you have two primary options available to you: independent agents like us, and captive agents. While both can provide insurance services, these two types of insurance agents are not...

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